Monday, February 23, 2009


Wonder...I like that word, it makes me feel alive inside. Since we've arrived it's been non-stop "wonder" for me. At first, I "wondered" what the house we'll be like...the reality? Wow - could we be more spoiled? Then I "wondered" about driving on the other side of the road in a place with tiny streets and no directons...the reality? Depends on who you ask. For me, it's getting a bit more comfortable, but Herb had some really white knuckles riding to the airport with me yesterday. I think he has control issues :)! Those "wonders" don't go very deep or stay very long. However, there's a much deeper level of "wondering" going on with me here that has my attention.

Right now I'm sitting on balcony and the sun has just poked it's head through the morning clouds. The water is gorgeous - shiny shimmering blue...and the waves are crashing in total ecstasy as they welcome another day. It's so amazing to be here.

Yesterday we "oficially" began our journey into the lives of these dear people of Barbados Grace Fellowship (BGF), and they into ours. The morning worship service was really great. The music, the testimony, the teaching all pointing us to the reality of a living Savior and Life streaming from within us toward one another. It was glorious. As I sat there, watching these formerly strangers encounter us, receive us as one of their own, and open their hearts to us for whatever God might be up to, I "wondered" at the miracle of it all. Why us? Why now? Why here? These are all questions we cannot answer but expectantly watch to see Jesus reveal as we breathe together in these two weeks. One thing is for sure, something "wonder-full" is starting to break forth.

Last night as we gathered again for fellowship and discovering one another, again, I "wondered." Will we be free enough to not add anything of our own agenda in what God has prepared for us all in this time? I know that will take a miracle. What will Jesus reveal to me as I get to share Life with one, two, or twenty of the BGF saints? I think He has much to share with me through them (and probably this lunatic bunch of people I've come here with t00!). What a glorious mess (or if you like, "fractal") we all are, and what a truly facinating and exhilirating experience to get a glimpse into what Father sees within the messiness. It's not always easy, or even possible, for me to see- but wow, when I see it, I can't help but worship.

So, this morning as we move into yet another day...I "wonder" still. What will today reveal? What will I experience and what will thrill my heart about Life? I don't need to know...but I do "wonder." Till next time...


  1. I cannot tell all of you who have supported the team that has come to visit us in Barbados what a blessing it is to have them here journeying with us. We sense the movement of His Spirit and are full of anticipation of His plan. It’s a weird feeling to have no agenda just a sense of expectancy as we watch things unfold. As a small group of believers on a minute island in the middle of the Atlantic we feel humbled by the lavishness of Father’s love and provision. Our hearts are full of love towards all of you and worship for the grace of our Dad.
    Celebrating Life - Heather