Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Nothing Christianly Here

(Sorry that this is a day late, but, well, here it is.)

These are amazing people who make up an amazing church. Why they would so love God and each other makes God's work obvious. They sincerely want to grow in the grace and love of Christ, and to avoid some of the "Christianly" stuff that often goes with a growing community. You know, the stuff we do that looks spiritual, but is really fleshly control stuff. Here's how we get along, here's how we do church, here's how we don't, here's how we force unity, etc.

Herb Sims spoke at their gathering about "doing nothing." It was terrific. He drew from some of the many instances in which Jesus did only what He saw the Father doing and said only what He heard the Father saying. In other words, He did nothing on His own, but lived in order to know God all the time. And that's the new way of living for us, as well--life by the Spirit. It frees us from having to come up with what to do, and places it where it belongs--with Him.

Last night we met with some of the leadership of the church. Essentially, we hung out with them for several hours, which is another way of saying that we enjoyed rich fellowship. But that's too stuffy.

We spoke together about how God secured us individually, about our love affairs with Him, and about how that works out in the larger community of believers. They're from S. Africa, Canada, England, America, and even Barbados--fancy that, locals. And yet, each of them hs this terrific story of discovering the incredible love and grace and mercy of God for them. It's magnificent to be among them.

More, please!

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  1. Glad to read all of the wonderful ways God is working in Barbados! Sounds like an awesome experience :).