Monday, February 23, 2009

Our First Full Day!

And it was VERY full! This building is where BGF has it's Sunday morning services and is part of a school campus that is truly adorable and is full of truly adorable people who love Jesus and want to know Him more. How cool is this!?!?!?!
After a time of great worship, lead by Nicole (picture later), Herb spoke and reminded everyone about their job (as was Jesus'), to do nothing. Not sure if they ALL understand, but the message will continue. Ralph will speak next week and will have his "pause button" ready for them.

Then last night, we had a small group time with some of the leaders of the church (picture above). We all got to know more about each other, but it was just a start. Ken and Pauline shared their story and it was amazing how many people can seem to relate to them because of how the world had beaten them down and how God still has the strength and compassion to help them back up.

These people here are so wonderful! They have given us a car to drive (that is always exciting since they drive on the left side of a very NARROW street......narrow is the way), and have filled our refrigerator with enough food for all of you for 2 weeks. Wow. Too bad you are not here. Guess will just have to eat it ourselves...and you know we can!

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