Saturday, February 21, 2009

Our First Evening

We arrived a little before sunset. Here are a few pics to get started on this Barbadosian Adventure.

Getting past customs was easy, although it took what seemed like forever.

That's Herb walking back into the living room after taking in the view from the balcony. He'd had enough. You know beach, sand, waves--that sort of thing.

Some of the locals doing the surfing thing.

Our first view from the balcony. It's simply magnificent. We think we can make it through a week or eight.

Sunset from our home.

And there you have it--our first evening in Barbados.


  1. Well, you guys just hang in there... I know it's really hard, but we'll all be praying for you that you would be able to keep the faith and that sort of thing...

    Have fun big time!!! And build a sand caste in my memory and honor... and Ralph, you need to take a picture of that and send it... Love you all!!!!

  2. Yeay! Glad you made it! We are trying hard to be super spiritual this morning, since we are church-less and all, I am not sure how we will handle it :) You guys, go, and continue to suffer for Jesus!
    Just kidding, of course! We love you, we will be praying for all of you! Mike and Lacey

  3. Wow, that is breathtakingly beautiful!