Saturday, February 28, 2009

Say Hi to Nicole and Marie!

I had promised in some previous posts to give you a picture of Nicole and Marie. Nicole, on the left, is who lead worship last Sunday and Marie is a foundational member of BGF who, by the way, can whip up any kind of cheesecake you might want on zero notice.

We have had a continuous flow of people in our house or in their homes since we have been here. At least twice each day we have a group to bond with about The Ride, The Breakfast Club (we call it the dessert club here), youth ministry, children's ministry, worship, men's ministry, ladies ministry and any other possible idea that comes up in which people who want to know Jesus more can get with others and they can all learn. The conversations are all rich and deep and constantly amaze us!

The dynamics are going to change a little as we say goodbye to Ken and Pauline today and are welcoming Barry and Sandi Greco and David Lee any minute now. Ralph will return home tomorrow and we will certainly miss him and the Karcher's but we want to let them know how honored everyone was to have them here! It will be exciting to watch our "newcomers" as they get to experience what has been happening down here! We wish ALL OF YOU were here to experience it, too! Blogs are great, but they will never truly be able to share God's power in all of this!

Enjoy Grace Life tomorrow. Our hearts are with you!


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