Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Wave 100%

The Newly Graduated "WAVER's"
in their WAVE Shirts!

When we first arrived on the island of Barbados, the WAVE team (Barry and Sandi Grecu, Retha Badenhorst, and myself) settled into the wonderful home they had prepared for us, looking forward to what lay ahead. We had one little problem…no internet. And when you have left home for six months and are leading a program to boot, internet is a necessary commodity. So, we called the provider and they brought us a modem…and we tried to install it, but it just wouldn’t work. So, Ekkehart, one of the WAVE participants and brilliant IT guy, was called in to fix the problem. And fix it, he did. And in doing so, he put a security code on the service…and when he told me the password he had chosen, I had to smile: “The WAVE 100%”.

Last night the members of the WAVE groups gathered together for the celebration of their completion of this season of their journeys together. I think for all of us it was a bittersweet evening…the glory of what God has been about was beautifully picturesque, while the realization that it would never be like this again, loomed a bit in the back of our minds. But still, we must give this experience it’s just festivities. Before dinner we shared conversation and drinks, then ate together a lovely meal of fish, chicken lamb curry, macaroni pie, the works…YUM. And then, as dessert was passed around the tables, we began the final moments in honor of those who has completed this miraculous adventure.

Learning to dance, Bajan Style!

Graduation Dinner was so YUMMY!

Each of the team shared from their heart as to what the experience of walking with these dear Saints has meant to us. And then, one by one, the WAVE’rs were called to the front to be distinguished and to be heard in terms of their own words about the journey. From one who sang a chorus of, “I will never be the same again,” to another who told of their transformation through a poem, to yet another who said just a simple, “Thank you”, all of their words came together to create a beautiful symphony of GRACE. Tears and laughter, applause and quiet reflection, all merged together to remind us of how faithful God is to do much more than we ask or imagine.

At one point in the night, the clouds suddenly released a bucketful of rain, and then a downpour. As I sat there, a thought came over and over into my mind: “This is the sound of what God is about.” And as His heart spoke to mine, this is what I believed Him to portray: “God is raining on Barbados Grace Fellowship (BGF). And the harder the rain came, the more powerful His heartbeat was heard, as His dearly beloved Saints, whom He has fashioned into the community of BGF, came more alive to who they are in the midst of this crazy world. Tonight is a work of glorious grace…fully complete as this season comes to an end. Nothing has been missed. No details were overlooked. No person missed out. No glory left to be revealed. It is complete. And you can rest in the reality that is has been, is, and always will be “Grace” that completes the work (“Being confident of this, that HE who began the good work in you, will be faithful to complete it.” Phil 1:6). The future may have many storms, but the rains bring Life to His body whichisdesperately in need of nourishment andrefreshment. Well done!”

...Marie is honored for
the worthy woman she is!!!
Wow, what a grand example of our Father’s delight in us
and to us and through us. And as we say, “Till next time…” to the lovely people of BGF and the WAVES #1, 2, and 3…(and you ALL are the best groups !), our hearts are overflowing with gratefulness for how you’ve shared yourselves so freely and so beautifully with us. No words really express the richness we’ve been privilege to experience and receive from you.

So, as I close the final “WAVE Blog” for this season, my
heart echoes Sandy’s song from last night, and I sing it to both Jesus and you all…

“I will never be the same again
I can never return,
I’ve closed the door
I will walk the path,
I’ll run the race
And I will never
be the same again!”

...Sandy sings "I will never be the same again..."

This has been and is The WAVE 100% - “till next time…”

I love you all more than my words can express. And I’m proud of you!