Friday, February 27, 2009



Our week on this island paradise is coming to a close so I thought I would take a moment to share some of our journey with you. Since our arrival on Saturday, the conversations we have taken part in have been about God’s courtship of His beloved children. As one of those whom He is constantly pursuing, I am overwhelmed by the similarities of His pursuit throughout the world. Whether it is with a Bajan, Pauline or I, our Father is pleased with His BRIDE.

This island paradise has been a great backdrop for the BRIDE of CHRIST to worship in community this week. All around us we can see the fingerprints of God’s grace to His beloved (Heather, Nicole, Peter, Jeff and Sandy), His beauty on display for all to see and experience. I am thankful that God allowed our lives to intersect.

As His beloved I am continually overwhelmed by His love. This week in Barbados provided a place of rest and renewal for Pauline and I among friends. The grand finale came this morning when Pauline and I renewed our wedding vows after twenty- two wonderful years together. As I looked into Pauline’s eyes my heart stirred to know her as intimately as our Father knows her. As we leave Barbados it is my Bride, and (The BRIDE) whom I love.

Still Amazed!


  1. Hi Ken,

    Just a hote to say that I have enjoyed meeting with you and Pauline. And you shall linger in my mind for many, many years to come, thanks!


  2. What an enchanting time we had. And you and Pauline were simply beautiful.