Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Meet Heather!

Meet Heather! She is one of the fearless leaders of BGF (Barbados Grace Fellowship) and has been the original contact between Grace Life and BGF. She is wonderful, gracious, hospitible, kind, generous and totally devoted to sharing the grace and love of Jesus to the community around her. I hope everyone at Grace Life and Grace Connections will have the opportunity to meet her and others from BGF in the future! It just seems that we are all kindred hearts with common goals and struggles.

Last night we all met with Heather and Marie (another Saint) and learned more about how they started and their many adventures along the way. It is so amazing to see how God has directed their paths and brought them to this point. And this point is a fantastic place to be! This church has influenced the lives of so many people.....and the great thing about it is, that Barbados seems to be a way point in a lot of people lives...not necessarily a permanent destination...so as these people hear about the love and grace of Jesus and learn for themselves the difference that a community of loving people can make - many of them will then move on and take it with them "all over the world". Literally!

The people here seem to think they would love to have something comparable to "The Ride" and are encouraging us (Grace Life and Grace Connections) to come and lead one. Six months in Barbados......who would have thunk it! It is just an idea...maybe a dream....but hey....God is in the midst and I say Look Out! and see what happens.

Oh yea....we had a ladies meeting today. I will leave it at that and hope one of our other ladies will give you more details on that. All I will say is, "IT WAS FANTASTIC!"

In Amazement!

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  1. I cannot tell all of you who have supported the team that has come to visit us in Barbados what a blessing it is to have them here journeying with us. We sense the movement of His Spirit and are full of anticipation of His plan. It’s a weird feeling to have no agenda just a sense of expectancy as we watch things unfold. As a small group of believers on a minute island in the middle of the Atlantic we feel humbled by the lavishness of Father’s love and provision. Our hearts are full of love towards all of you and worship for the grace of our Dad.
    Celebrating Life - Heather