Sunday, March 1, 2009

Seven Seconds of Silence

Well, it’s been a few days since I’ve had a chance to BLOG. It’s just been a bit crazy here - so wonderfully crazy, but really full. I have to say I’m a little worn out. For some reason my body has decided I don’t need to sleep much here – so, even at the moment I’m awake just after 5am. Guess God wanted me to see the sunrise – again! We’ve been saying all along that Father didn’t bring us here only for these dear people of BGF, but that He had great purpose in mind for us as well…I can tell you that has certainly been the case for me.

Two mornings ago I was sitting outside on the balcony as I’m doing right now. It’s amazing how loud the surf can be. I am not talking the kind of loud you think of when someone’s music is blasting or people are screaming, it’s more of a “massive” loud. It’s like all the energy on the planet has combined together to explode with ecstasy every time the waves crash the shore. You literally cannot hear a conversation when the tide is high. And so, I was sitting there, with the “massive” in all its glory, doing its thing. I was engrossed in an email or something, kind of lost in all the noise, when all of a sudden, it went totally quiet. I don’t know if you can picture it, but, in a way it was like someone shut off the power and everything stopped and became still – for about seven seconds. It got my attention in a big way.

In those seven seconds (maybe it was only two, but it seemed to linger a little longer than that) I was struck with awe. Every fiber of my being, every sensory perception, even the beating of my heart, became more alive. And at the same time, I became totally still. I’ve never had an experience like it.

When it was over, life went back to normal and I kind of just sat there…not sure what to do, if anything, but full of thoughts. And then, I went back to whatever it was I had been doing before the silence “interrupted” me. But my day was anything but normal.

I keep thinking about how it happened…what made the silence? How can something so huge and continual just STOP? Pretty weird and wonderful all at the same time. Throughout the day I would have moments where I would return to the silence, if even for a moment, and IT would wash over me with comfort and a sense of awe. What’s the IT? I believe it was God Himself.

I’ve always kind of wondered what it means to “Be still and know that I am God.” Most people who know me, even for just a short time, know stillness is not a strong suit. I’ve had those “I think I’ll try to be still” ideals, and for the most part, it just wasn’t happening. But, in the seven seconds of silence, I didn’t have to try, stillness came to me. And I KNEW He is GOD! And it was glorious.

Our time here in Barbados has been nothing short of miraculous (are you getting tired of hearing that? I hope not!). However, it’s also been rather full and not very often without activity. And at times, we all tire of the “noise”. Even I, the poster child for Extroverts Anonymous, need to find moments of silence and calm. Isn’t it incredible that God knew that, and then decided to bring it to me? I think He likes me. J! And, I think I’m beginning to like it that my “be still moments” can be found in as little as seven seconds. Pretty darn amazing!


  1. Ok, I think I've finally figured out how to put a comment on these blogs... Hope it works this time!!! Anyways, great job, Laurie! I love your vivid descriptions... can almost smell the salt in the air...

  2. You need to submit this one to the magazine! Sorry you missed the snow today. I know how much you love the cold wet weather! Maybe when you're in paradise sleep isn't necessary...

  3. Seven seconds of delight. Though I haven't had the silence thing, I've enjoyed times when everything in me seemed far more alive in the obvious presence of God. It was jaw-dropping, and all I wanted was more. I suspect we'll have that when finally face to face.
    How wonderful and how fun it must have been for Him to have this with you.