Saturday, March 7, 2009

You have GOT to be Kidding!

It has already been two weeks, and tomorrow we will be heading home. Although we can't fathom that 2 weeks have actually gone by, we do miss a lot of our world in Woodstock....

But.....get use to hearing the names Heather, Marie, Steve, Nicole, Linda, Sandy, Peter, Eckkart, Rocky, Jeff, Rolph, these people have become so much a part of the Grace Life Family, too! We are beginning to make plans to bring some people back to lead some BGF'ers through "The Ride" in order to let them experience it and to begin to be able to lead them on their own. We have had the pleasure and honor of just being able to be in conversation about our life in Christ and His in ours with these people. It is a place of agreement, of wonder, and of amazement! No distractions. Nothing to compete with them except the roar of the sea and there is a song that says the roar of the sea is the voice of that surely doesn't count as a distraction!

Tomorrow morning Laurie will be giving the message at church about "The Mystery". We are all looking forward to it and then we will head to the airport!

Talk to you later,


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  1. I can't believe you are all coming home tomorrow and I am just looking at this now! Guess that is an indicator of how our two weeks have been going!
    Well, I have scanned and read the posts of each of you from the last two weeks. I was especially moved by Herb's post on being reminded that the movement of God is not limited to GL and Woodstock.... I have been blown away here as well by the movement of God and the opportunities to see him moving in so many people that he has placed in our lives, most especially in the last 2 weeks. You said that Laurie was speaking on the Mystery tomorrow. To me, that is the mystery - how he can be so personal and intimate to so many all at once - how He is everywhere.
    The last 2 weeks have spiraled our world downwards, and yet somehow we (being Abby and Kevin and Seth and I) have been able even in the worst of times to remember that it is THIS world and circumstances that are spiralling out of control - evidenced by the helplessness of watching our daughter in horrible pain and not having any way to help her; but none of it changes who I am, who Abby is, or Kevin or Seth, in our sanctity, security, love and acceptance from our Heavenly Father. The same sanctity, security, love and acceptance being felt now in Barbados. Pretty cool. Huge Mystery. I miss you guys terribly. Hope to catch up with you before our big trip to Cleveland....

    Safe travel and hugs to you all.
    Love Lauren