Monday, March 2, 2009

Who Makes Me Good Enough?

Have you ever felt and even believed the lie, “I’m not good enough”? With that one comes another right on the heels of it, “More is required of me” and another, “I’ll never measure up”? Where do you go then? Is it, “So why try? Forget this! Forget You, God!” Or does your survival method look more like, “Well, I’ll just try harder”, “Surely after I do this and then that, you’ll like me… you’ll approve of me, etc”.

These “voices in our head” are strangely familiar. I can identify….and I found two new friends that share this struggle with me; David and Marie. David is a Korean man who lives in Atlanta and Marie, who lives here in Barbados. Three very uniquely different people from 3 different places across the globe, yet we have something in common that goes deep and traces back to each of our different childhoods. Through our varied backgrounds, we all three have come to know the inner turmoil of believing the lies of Satan, our enemy. While those lies have been dealt with at the cross, they still rear their ugly heads to speak into our minds and we have to choose to believe the truth that counteracts each of them. Some days we do pretty good; other days are a different story.

God will do and use whatever He wants to tell us how much He loves us. He’ll prove Himself over and over by continuing to speak truth to our hearts. He will open doors…miraculous doors that no one else could have ever opened apart from Him. His Spirit which indwells us, will resonate His truth within us. He will cause us to hear His words of truth amid the loud clamor in our heads. When He does these things, He is pointing to the truth of what He has done and won for us when He took our place at the Cross. Then He sealed the miracle when He was raised from the dead. In that moment, Jesus became our “enough”. He is enough. We need no one else, nothing more and in Him we are complete and completely okay. Nothing more is required. We no longer have to measure up to anything or anyone. To try harder is to reject His finished work. We have the stamp of approval from the One who matters most. His favor is a gift that He has won for us and then granted to us. We did nothing to earn it and we still can do nothing to earn it. Wow! When I believe this truth and rest in it, it quiets the “voices in my head”. I am free now to respond out of love and gratitude.

David, Marie and I can embrace the reality of our identity in Christ and we can actually live life as if it is true. Because it is! We are free to serve others or not serve; we are free to be who God has called us to be and we are free to leave our own country and go in the “not knowing” all that God will involve us in. “No one is made okay with God by obedience or lack of obedience to what God’s law commands…rather we are made okay with God by faith in what Jesus has done on our behalf.” (Galatians 2:16; my paraphrase)

So, the bottom line questions become: “Do I believe I need what Jesus has done for me and in me? Is He enough? Or is there something else I must do to be sure? Can I…will I take hold of His truth by faith and rest in His perfect work?

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