Monday, March 2, 2009


Church. It is very interesting how many negative thoughts come to mind when we think about church. It is where we are “made to go”, abused and hurt, judged and condemned, worn out and discarded. For some a form of church is positive. We like to gather with good looking families. Our kids get to be with good looking kids. It is an opportunity for them to develop a good peer group or form a foundation to becoming a good citizen. It becomes one of the ingredients of living a good life.

But at our deepest place there is a rumor of something more. Not of a place to attend but of a movement. It is His body moving through this world declaring the relationship from which all relationship is found. It is His body seeking to know others beyond the manufactured appearance we have been educated to present.

This week, I really miss those that form the body of Christ, Grace Life Church. I miss being with Kevin, Lauren, Abby, and Seth, even when they are hurting. I miss the time to talk with Patty and Jose. To know each of them in the midst of their own individual journeys, free of comparisons or goals. I miss the expressions of revelation on the men’s faces on the Tuesday night Ride. I miss the sharing, discovery and connection found through seeing Scripture through Jesus in the midst of the Breakfast Club on Sunday morning. I miss seeing the joy on your faces as you see each other come through the door on Sunday morning, even when you are 20 minutes late. I miss looking into the faces of the Worship team as they lead through their own personal worship that is the fruit of their week which is filled with struggles. Believe it or not, I missed the camaraderie of set up at 7am.

But I have discovered that His movement is not restricted to Woodstock and Grace Life church. I have seen it here at Barbados Grace Fellowship. Their desire to connect the amazing message of grace, truth and Life to their own practical lives has opened a door for two churches to come together helping each other in the making of disciples. Each church will speak, by invitation, into each other’s journey. Each church is a unique expression of His Body in two unique cultures. Different - but gloriously complete in Christ…autonomous but yet one in Spirit. His body in which we gather as one…one in Woodstock…one in Barbados…now one together in His movement.

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  1. It was really good to "hear" you in this post, Herb.

    I miss being there, mostly because I miss the delight of participating together in the leading of the Spirit. What's better?