Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bajan Beauty

Here are some pictures in wonderfully chaotic and nonsensical order. To see them in more detail, click on the picture.

Here's Herb surfing the Soup Bowl on the eastern side of the Island. What moves!

In the next instant, Pauline was baptized Bajan style!

One of the few remaining windmills on the island. Something missing? Yeah, it's under repair.

Cynthia takes it in.

Gilligans Island?

Next to Cynthia is Natasha and Julie (daughter and mother), who gave us a great tour around the island. Wonderful and witty, they made sure we had a blast.

Think Cynthia is enjoying herself?

Ken and Pauline renewed their marriage vows on a beautiful Friday morning.

A little stress relief before the ceremony.

Having made an ESPN Top 10 catch, guess who is getting married soon?
Yeah, that's me.
Nicole and Linda, the worship leaders at Barbados Grace Fellowship. Their smiles tell the story.

I took maybe one hundred pictures of this view while there. Be thankful I don't post them all!

So many different looks and lighting. It is gorgeous.

Ken and Pauline comb the beach for shells.

Cynthia took a particular liking to this gecko. She's thinking of getting one for a pet when she returns home.

See the boat? A Bajan favorite is fried flying fish, and this boat traveled the waters outside our guesthouse every day looking for the catch.

From left to right, Herb, Tracy, Marie, Sandi and Laurie at one of our many gatherings.

From the left, Heather, Jane and Greg, Nicole and Jeff, and Peter, wonderful Bajan friends from Barbados Grace Fellowship.

From the left, Cynthia talks with Sandy (youth leader) while Ken and Pauline listen in.

From left to right, the view that makes people jealous, Cynthia, Nicole, Laurie and Tracy.

Just outside our guesthouse, a surfer spies a turtle, one of many working the surf.

A local gang.

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