Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Morning Reflections

It’s been a nice, quiet morning for me, and I'm really enjoying it. Laurie is in Atlanta for the week (freezing her little tootsies off, I'm told) and Barry and Sandi have gone off for a bit of much needed R&R. I've chosen to stay home – just to have a bit of time for reflection and quiet… Besides, the solar panel (for our hot water) people are supposed to come check out what’s wrong with our solar panels this morning…

We’ve been here in Barbados now for almost 7 weeks. The other day, as we were driving back into “Ridge View Estate”, I said to Barry and Sandi: “You know what? This is starting to feel like home now!” I'm starting to get the ’hang’ of things here - the roads (even if there are mostly no road signs); the climate; which shops you are ‘almost’ certain to find the things you need… And then the beauty… Will I ever get used to the beauty? I hope not!

But as beautiful as this island is, even more remarkable to me is the beauty in the people around me: the folks of BGF whom I have come to love and appreciate so much. Of one thing I am absolutely convinced: us being here with BGF at this time, is no coincidence! God has orchestrated the connection of 2 Bodies of Believers – one in Woodstock GA, and the other here on a little island in the Caribbean – and this coming together is glorious! I cannot tell you how glad I am to be a part of this ‘event’ that only God could have arranged!


The Wave is going GREAT! We’ve been going now for almost 6 weeks, and although our “Wavers” are at times being challenged out of their minds, I'm am seeing God at work in and through each and every one of them every time we get together. I love the diversity of the groups! And I love the individuals who so uniquely contribute to the personality of each group!

This week we are completing the teaching on ‘Concept of God’. For some of our “Wavers” this has been quite a challenge. During the teaching and discussion times, things have been stirred up in them that many of them were not even aware of. As one of the ladies said this week (my paraphrase of course): “I'm so confused! I feel as if I am being dismantled from the inside, and it’s painful, and I don’t like it! And yet, I feel there is hope in this too. God is doing the dismantling – I know that!” And if God is doing the dismantling, He is also the one who will put us back together – in grace and truth! And for us, as facilitators on this Wave, it is a glorious relief to know that it’s not our ‘job’ to try ‘fix’ anybody… That it is God who does the tearing down and the building up… and all we get to do is stand in awe at the work of His hands in the life of His children. HOW COOL IS THAT?

Wave #1 working on the "Mask" project

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