Saturday, October 3, 2009

I stand in awe of You…

It’s 6:30 am. I'm sitting in my bed, computer on my lap, sipping my first cup of coffee… I NEVER wake up this early without my alarm, and yet, since I've been here ‘in paradise’, I've consistently been waking up before 6:00. Hmmmmm!!! This morning it was around 5:30, but I managed to ‘fake it’ till about 6:15 when the thoughts in my head and emotions in my heart that needed to be out down on paper just got too much…

It’s been exactly 3 weeks today since we've got off that plane from Atlanta. Trying to describe these 3 weeks is difficult… A song that we used to sing in YWAM comes to mind: “I stand… I stand in awe of You…” Because even though this island is beautiful and even though I’m still trying to wrap my mind around the fact that I’m actually here, it’s the people of BGF whom I have grown to know and love, that takes my breath away… Father is so obviously at work, and when I see His designs revealed through their eyes, and His heart expressed through their words, “I stand in awe of Him…” What an awesome privilege it is for me to be right here, right now…

Twenty three participants – all from BGF – are going through The Wave at the same time… and I keep thinking: I wonder how this is going to affect the entire church? It’s bound to! How can it not? Those of you who have been through The Ride ‘back home’ will know the impact these 6 months have had on you… This is exactly what keeps me coming back for more… seeing a risen and living Savior at work in the lives of ordinary people… seeing the transformation as each continue to discover for themselves the joy of relationship with Jesus, and the delight of being a part of a vibrant and safe community… WOW… Boy, do I love my job!!!

One of the most enjoyable and significant things for me to see and experience is the fact that everyone of the three groups is so uniquely different - every group has its own ‘personality’ you might say… and it’s wonderful to see that unique ‘personality’ emerge and develop. Running The Ride, or The Wave in this case, can never grow old… for this very reason! And I love to experience this and be part of it! BOY, DO I LOVE MY JOB!!!

A couple of days ago we had lunch at ‘The Ackee Tree’ - a very authentic (but inexpensive at the same time) local restaurant… YUMMY!!! (I never do understand why people gravitate to Mac Donald’s or Pizza Hut when they’re visiting different countries, rather than experience the local and so much more exciting places to eat!!!!) And then afterwards, we went for a dip in a cool, clear, blue ocean… The beaches are incredibly beautiful here… and the water heavenly! I absolutely love swimming (well ok, playing then) in the ocean… And just for the record: I'm turning into a regular little Indian… tanning comes way too easy for me!

This 6 month adventure has only just begun, and already the folks whom, three weeks ago, I have never even met have become like family to me. I am so thankful for being a part of what Father is doing… right here… right now! “I stand… I stand in awe of You…”

View from the house where we had our 3rd Retreat! Awesome!!!


  1. What a gorgeous view and shot of the ocean behind the rocks there. Retha, you are expressing my feelings of awe when I was there back in February. I can just see your precious South African tanned body!! I know you are loving every minute of this experience...and it must be especially freeing for you since the recent and long await for your visa. I am so glad to hear your thoughts about what you are doing. Please keep writing, because my heart is there and it helps to read and imagine. Keep having fun with Jesus and His people!!

  2. Darling Retha, so wonderful to hear how Father is leading you amongst His people! Your location is awesome, the fellowship is courageous and He is preparing His church for His awesome works. We miss you here in soggy Seaford, UK - a long way since YWAM in Cape Town! But we know that you are where you should be. Wish we could be there with you!
    Lots of love, Wen and Maria.
    Within me is infinite power -
    before me is endless possibility -
    around me is boundless opportunity -
    Why should I fear?