Sunday, December 6, 2009

Unless You Become as Children…

Jesus spoke these words in response to the question: “Who is the greatest in the Kingdom of God?” He wasn’t saying that we should act childish, He was telling us that children are the picture of a life lived freely, dependently, and without condemnation and worry. Don’t we long for such simplicity?

On Saturday, the WAVE groups all joined together for a day of “childlike” enjoyment…which included all kinds of activities centered around being “a kid.” We had lots of lively conversation, great food, a viewing of Disney’s “The Kid”, some games on the grass and on the beach as well as some time to swim in the biggest waves we’ve seen since arriving in Barbados. It was a wonder-full day (you should have seen Barry, the oldest “kid” amongst us, getting pounded by those waves and laughing with delight). We just thought we’d post some pictures for you to get a glimpse of the “WAVE’rs” at play. All part of the journey…

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  1. oh how I miss all your beautiful faces! I so wish I could be there with you!